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Uncle Colin Jones

Uncle Colin Jones standing in front of a map of Australia

Uncle Colin Jones is a Kalkadoon and Nunukul man born in Ipswich in 1947.

As well as being a highly accomplished and internationally-renowned artist, Colin Jones is a scholar and a lecturer in Aboriginal culture, art and history. Colin has shared his knowledge locally at Griffith University and around the world for a wide range of organisations and embassies.

In addition to these rich experiences Colin has worked at the Queensland Police Service Academy, Cairns Aboriginal Coordinating Council to support remote communities, at Barallam Prison and with the Department of Juvenile Justice delivering counselling to assist community members dealing with drug and alcohol use, child neglect and juvenile crime. Colin has held positions on numerous boards including the Beemar Yumba Children’s Shelter in Cherbourg Aboriginal community.

Colin Currently works with community members providing information about Aboriginal history and culture and offering guidance and support. Colin continues to lecture and give presentations to university students, staff and many others about Aboriginal history and culture and what it means to be culturally competent in today’s society.

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The Art of Carbal - Uncle Colin Jones

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